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We provide Immigration Services for :


What is the Franchisee appointment process?

  • Prospective franchise needs to complete the inquiry form
  • Stepwheel team will contact shortlisted candidates by telephone to understand profile
  • If selected, franchisee would need to fill a detailed assessment form
  • Franchisee is given 2-3 days to complete the form
  • The form if approved would be discussed in the management meet which is scheduled weekly
  • If approved in the management meet, interview is scheduled with the director
  • If selected, partner needs to complete legal formalities and pay relevant amount

What are the responsibilities of the Franchisee?

The Franchise’s primary responsibility is to meet with prospective customers of Stepwheel and provide them assistance in the immigration application process. The partner is not burdened with marketing responsibilities which usually other franchisors do. However, the partner is free to generate leads and get additional income when these leads are converted by Stepwheel team.

What are the responsibilities of Stepwheel?

Stepwheel provides the following support to the franchisees:

  • Training on counseling for immigration services
  • Leads generation for meetings with prospective customers
  • Account manager for hand holding
  • Soft copy of Stepwheel brochures which can be printed and presented to customers
  • Soft copy of Stepwheel posters which can be printed for your office/ centre (if applicable)
  • Website development for the franchisee (optional at cost)

What returns can the Franchisee expect?

You can start earning profits from month ONE and scale up operations as you succeed and get confidence. Total earning potential is only limited by your willingness to grow.