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On the spiritual level, the soul searches for somewhere it belongs. It’s rare to find an abode where one can be nourished emotionally and economically. Incomers often fall in love with their host nation and they wish to be a proud citizen of the same. But a gap exists between them and the native culture. Such is the case with Canada. But don’t worry, the country always warmly welcomes whoever considers it home (Punjabi, the official Canadian language is an evidence). It now falls on the shoulders of the new ‘Canadian’ to play his/her part. With that note, Stepwheel Outsourcing Pvt Ltd brings you eight points to help you easily fit in the Canadian society:

  1. Learn French to communicate easily in Quebec and other French-speaking cities. Not every Canadian city is like Toronto.
  2. Shorten your desi name to make it easy for everybody to address you. So if it’s a Lakshman, make it ‘Lucky’.
  3. ‘Eh’ is an exclamation Canadians frequently slip in their conversation. Don’t force it on your part, or else it’ll look like you’re stereotyping.
  4. Be courteous to everyone. Always keep these two words on the tip of your tongue: thank you and sorry. Yes, some of the Canadian stereotypes are true.
  5. Accept hockey as a habit. Canadians are crazy about ice hockey, and you’ll see the same in their pop culture as well.
  6. Maple syrup is used in a lot of Canadian dishes. So if you don’t like it, brace yourself.
  7. Canada is cold. So keep warm clothes in your wardrobe as much as you can.
  8. Canada is a home to many foreign cultures. Be tolerant even if you find their practices bizarre.

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